Doncaster Girls High School

The original Doncaster Municipal High School for Girls was opened in 1905 with 76 pupils. 

Within a few years, the increasing demand for higher education for girls led Doncaster Corporation to build a new school with capacity for 300 pupils. 

The new building was designed by J.M. Bottomley & G.T. Wellburn of Leeds and cost around £20,000, opening in October 1911. 

Alderman H.H. Birkinshaw laying the foundation stone on 24th February 1910 



A couple of pics of the school in the 1920’s 



Granny Muttley would have been in attendance around this time. 

Then, in 1945 old Ma Muttley, left the doors of the High School with a bunch of qualifications to her name. 


In 1970, the Girls School merged with Doncaster Grammar School, which apparently meant that the boys now had to wear trunks in the pool instead of the tradition of swimming naked  

Fast forward to today, and the school building is alledgedly earmarked to be converted into a boutique hotel (in Yaaarkshire???) as part of the town’s new Civic and Cultural Quarter. 




Flaky stairs


The Hall







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