Firth Vickers Rolling Mill, Sheffield

Following on from my previous post on the Firth Vickers power house, this is the adjacent steel mill.

Check out the beautiful, stainless steel art deco fire place – should be not be left there at the mercy of the pikies!

Visited with Kitty and Keïteï (it was like a rose between thorns, I tell thi )

Sure we all know the story on this place by now…Firth Vickers…Sheffield…steel…stainless…shiny… etc


No kidding…





Eventful end to the evening as we popped in somewhere else after for a quick mooch and as we were leaving were confronted with SYPD’s finest preparing to set the dogs loose.

Turns out a nosey neighbour had seen us going in and called us in as being burglars. Strange it took plod 20 minutes to turn up when the station is literally round the corner .

Got told they could arrest us for the Enclosed Spaces thang, but let us off with a warning.

I reckon it was down to my charm and smooth talking and nothing to do with the fact that I’d got 2 attractive young ladies with me.


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