Firth Brown Medical Centre, Sheffield

Down Attercliffe way, Firth Brown were one of the behemoth’s of Sheffield’s steel industry.

At some point they had a Medical Centre, presumably for treating all too common injuries in the steel works.

It then seems as though they didn’t need the Medical Centre anymore (the Thatcher-driven decline of the steel industry in the 70s/80s?) so they demolished it, right?

Wrong, they just buried it and built a car park on top!

Access is interesting to say the least involving stealth, dangling, faith and landslides.

Exit just requires dangling and a lack of fear of heights.

Pics from a couple of visits – firstly with Ojay, Kitty and Woodburner (where most of my pics smelt of dog poo) then with a couple of non-members.


Big up to aem for digging this one out (literally?).







Suspensory bandage, one can only imagine what this may have been used for…


More empty lime cordial bottles than you could shake a stick at, presumably there was/is some medical benefit to drinking lime???


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