Bradford Odeon

Bradford Odeon is situated right in the centre of the city.

It opened in 1930 as the New Victoria with a 3300 capacity auditorium plus a ballroom and restaurant.

In 1968 the New Victoria was converted into a 2 screen cinema with a bingo hall, later a third screen was added in what had previously been the ball room.

The Odeon closed in 2000 and the intervening 10 years have not been kind, with water, vandals and pigeons all taking their toll.

Visited with Bugsuperstar, jST & Kook

Really enjoyed this, loads of 80’s cheese and hidden gems.

And in time honoured fashion…

Thanks to Kook for performing usherette duties and the shoulder ride when things went slightly wrong , jST for demonstrating the laws of gravity using bricks and paving slabs , Bugs for making sure we didn’t run around too fast and miss anything (hope the ankle heals quick mate) and not forgetting WYPD for being completely useless



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