36DD, Sheffield – May 2011

36DD, Sheffield – May 2011

When a message from WB dropped in to my inbox titled “36DD” it didn’t take much to convince me although it turned out we were to be exploring a smelly tunnel and not….

Advance raiding party: Muttley & Ludo

Bringing up the rear: Ojay & WB

This culvert system is huge, running under most of the Tata/Corus steelworks in Stocksbridge, joining Underbank reservoir and eventually flowing into the River Don.

We started at the downstream end and quickly ran into difficulties as the water hit waist height immediately but a quick switch to some shallower water on the opposite bank, pausing to grab a handy depth gauge and we were soon underway.

The going was heavy at times – rocks, holes, weeds, strong currents slowing progress down- but then you hit a bit with a flat concrete bottom allowing you to get some pace up.

Occasionally you break cover with steelworks all around, train tracks running above your head and the occasional intriguing ladder up…

Not a full set of pics from me as we had to pack the cameras away to make quicker progress on the way back so that I could get some much-needed beauty sleep. A return visit may be in order.

But we did manage to make it to the very end, unlike the other bunch of lightweights


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