Balby Road Primitive Methodist Chapel, Doncaster

Balby Road Primitive Methodist Chapel, Doncaster

There’s not much history about this place available, other than it opened in 1868 as a Primitive Methodist chapel.
(The Primitives were a radical breakaway group of the Methodist church and also had a Top Ten hit in 1988 with Crash).

To make up for the lack of info, have a picture of a banner.


Sunday School 1946

(Photo courtesy of Alison Vainlo, owner of Arksey Village History )

The church finally closed its doors around 2008.

A bizarre game of royal tiddlywinks?

The building has been well-cleared of evidence of its past, in fact the only religious text we found was one page from a bible in the bottom of a box.

A “Spersom” thermostat manufactured by Sperryn & Co of Birmingham

Chapel hat pegs

I usually suck at these window shots so quite pleased with this one


Not the most inspiring of sites, but if you don’t kiss the frogs…



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