Bolton-on-Dearne Anti-Aircraft Battery, South Yorks – June 2012

Bolton-on-Dearne Anti-Aircraft Battery, South Yorks – June 2012

This site is, for some obscure reason, a Scheduled Ancient Monument.

Station H17 was established in late-1942 to protect Sheffield’s heavy industry following the blitz of 1940/41.

It housed four 3.7 inch anti-aircraft guns arranged in a semi-circle of emplacements around a central command post.


Gun mount

Taken from on top of one of the emplacements – somewhere out there are another 3 emplacements and the command post

The central command building would have had an identification telescope, a predictor and height finder, which fed information to the plotting room within the command post.

The command post is flooded

The battery was manned by 250 men and women from 626 (m) HAA Battery, 646 Battery and the Auxiliary Territorial Service.

Nissan Hut for storage of ammunition

Apparently the battery never fired a single shot and in 1944 the battery workers were deployed to coastal batteries to defend against German Doodlebugs.


RAF Stenigot

Needed to get out of the house over Xmas so took a trip to the middle of nowhere in Lincolnshire to look at some big metal circles.

They used to look like this…

(Images from

But now they look like this…

RAF Stenigot opened in 1940 as a “Chain Home” radar station to protect Sheffield, Nottingham and the midlands from the best efforts of the Luftwaffe.

After the war, Stenigot was retained as part of Britain’s air defence network until the ROTOR programme was implemented in the 50’s, when Stenigot was placed on “care and maintenance”.

In 1959 Stenigot was selected as one of five British sites for NATO’s Europe-wide “Ace High” tropospheric communications network – this is what the dishes were used for.

Ace High was abandonned in the early 1990’s and Stenigot was closed and associated buildings were demolished in 1996 (the remaining buildings relate to the WW2 Chain Home operation).

A couple of pics for scale…

From Subbrit…”One of the four transmitter towers has been retained as a training mast for the Aerial Erector School at RAF Digby and is contained in its own secure compound”